Thursday, February 26, 2015


We sure are loving it around here. Last week wasn't so much fun. We lost power for two days. Then it came back on only to go back off the next night. Then Scott fell and hit his head landing him in the ER with a mild concussion.  Then we had a water pipe bust. Then Colt went to the ER with severe belly pain. But we made it and everyone is fine. This week is much better. People think I'm nuts but I love the snow. I don't care for the ice. My heart truly hurts for those that still don't have power. But I love the snow. And my kids do too. They've been out every day. I've spent lots of time keeping pants and socks and gloves dry....mopping up puddles in my floor. Lol And we just made some snow cream with almond milk and honey...and they loved it. Except Ryder didn't care too much for it ;) So thankful for a healthy happy family.

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Aww these are good~