Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Gunner!!

Our sweet little boy turned 2 on Wednesday. Oh the fun he brings to this house!! This little feller sure keeps us on our toes. The only time he's still is when he's sleeping :) but I'm so thankful for a healthy baby. Happy Birthday Gunner! ! We love you so much.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

My brother

August was such a busy month! But I wanted to take a minute to post about my brother. The 14th was his birthday and I forgot to post. I didn't forget his birthday...just forgot to post it here.  Jonathan is very special. He's such a good brother.  Always there if and when I need him. A good role model for my boys. He loves chicken and dumplins and so every year I make them for him. I think I look forward to making them as much as he does eating them. But this year he said something very sweet. He said he was anxious to share them with Kyeli and Dane.  I'm sure all of you know by now that Jonathan and Becky have adopted them permanently and forever. And it just melted my heart to hear him say that. I have prayed for years for him to have children and have rejoiced to see what God has done in his life. I watch him being a daddy and I just love it. I love my family so much. So happy late birthday Jonathan!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dane turns 2!!

I can't believe this precious little boy is 2 years old. He is one of the happiest most contented babies I know. His little smile will absolutely melt your heart. He loves Toy Story so that was the theme for the day. Becky always does a great job decorating, coming up with games, and just making it so much fun. We sure love this little feller and look forward to many more birthdays :)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Daniel turns 10!!

Daniel turned 10 on the 28th and he wanted to spend the day at Dollywood.  So he and his daddy and me took off last Friday and went to Dollywood.  He was so excited to be able to skip the "baby" rides and go straight to the "big" rides. We rode the Wild Eagle twice, the Tornado twice, Thunderhead twice,  and Mystery Mine once. Then he and his daddy rode the bumper cars. Sadly, our favorite ride, the Fire Chaser, was down for maintenance.  But we have season passes so we'll go again. Oh I forgot we also rode the Dare Devil Falls and the Blazin Fury.  It was a really fun day. While on Dare Devil Falls a lady got on a microphone when she found out it was his birthday and told him happy birthday.  It really made his day. Then we were really hungry and asked him where he wanted to eat. He loves pizza and chose Cici's. When he told the cashier it was his birthday she said, "Well, you get to eat free!" Then this evening we celebrated with the rest of the family and had more pizza and cake :) He chose Star Wars for his theme which I know nothing about. But I did my best with decorations. The black ball you see is just a paper lantern from the Dollar Tree spraypainted with glitter to look like a planet. Daniel was pleased so I am happy :) We are just so thankful for Daniel and what he means to us. He's such a special boy and we have such high hopes for him. We pray he will allow God to use him for His glory. Happy Birthday Daniel!!