Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun deals!!

Went couponing today. Hit Kroger, Ingles, and CVS. I'll just share a few of my favorite deals so as not to bore you ;) Kroger: 8 boxes of Ronzoni pasta $.19 each...we love spagetti so we're stocked up for a while. Toaster Strudels (I love when these are on sale bc with homeschooling they make for a quick easy breakfast) $1.19...even at Walmart with a coupon the best you can do is $1.73 a box. Oscar Mayer bologna $.50...comes in handy when your power's been off for two days. Hefty plates $.99. 4 free French's mustards. 1 free Russell Stover's candy. Free Snuggle fabric softener. My favorite item at Kroger was the Sundown vitamins for $.99. Got four bottles. Ingles: cereal for $.99. Chicken breader for $.14 (which will go great with all the chicken I got marked down in my freezer) Stocked up on lots of mexican items all under $1...we fix enchiladas and tacos a lot. CVS: My favorite stop of the day...3 packs of diapers and a box of wipes for $10 and got $5 extra bucks back (just like cash to spend on next transaction) so its like getting all those diapers and wipes for $5!!!! So passionate about couponing...can you tell? Sometimes I see coupons and cut them in my sleep lol
Just to give you an idea of my total before sales and coupons at Kroger $250.11...I paid $100.85. Ingles before sales and coupons $95.62...I paid $31.35. CVS before sales and coupons $40.26...I paid $10

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AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!