Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy

Where do I start? Honestly, when I sit and ponder my Daddy, I get choked up. I love my Daddy so much. When I was little, I really did think he hung the moon. Now that I'm older and know that to be untrue, I do know my Daddy is the most godly, faithful, loyal, consistent, and patient man I know. Now the tears are flowing.  Daddy is known for being rather quiet and not saying much. I always refer to him as the strong, silent type. But if you want to see him get riled up you just mess with his family or his country. Daddy raised us right. First of all, he raised us in church under God's Word every time the doors were open. Then, he made sure we weren't exposed to junk at school. We went to a Christian school for a few years, then we were homeschooled until graduation. Third, he instilled in me a love for my country. I cannot explain the love and pride I have for our soldiers fighting for our very freedom. I love our flag. Not crazy about the president we have right now but God has allowed him to be there so that's that. I'm just thankful for the raising my Daddy took the time and sacrifice to give. Daddy is the strongest man I know. Sometimes he just seems unshakeable even though I have to remind myself that he IS human. He is an amazing husband. I have watched him dote over my mom for years and their love is stronger than it has ever been. Every couple should have a marriage like my parents'. He is a wonderful Grandad. My boys adore him. What a great role model for them to pattern their lives after. I couldn't ask for a greater Biblical example for my children. God has truly blessed me with the best Daddy. I always tried to please my Daddy in everything I did...every choice I made. Just because I never wanted to disappoint him. Did I always do that? No. But I tried. Because I had and still have so much respect and honor for this man. So on this day I want to wish this wonderful man, my Daddy, a happy birthday. I love you to the moon and back...even if you didn't hang it.

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Peggy said...

Well, that made me sweet, and he IS a great man!