Friday, April 14, 2017

Catching up

Hey lots to catch up on so I won't say a whole lot lol People mostly like pictures anyway ;) Let's see...where to begin. Well, we had a horrible hail storm a few weeks ago. In my lifetime I don't ever remember it hailing so much for so long. I thought it would never stop. Scott had taken Colt to the ER because he had hurt his hand on the trampoline. I was at home with a couple little ones when it started getting awfully dark. The power went out too. Kinda scary.
Then a few pictures of a day at the park and a trip to the mountains. 
Then on April 3rd Zek turned 9! Here's a few of his party. 
And last of all, we got a new puppy.  Her name is Leia. She is part Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd.  The kids have been wanting a puppy forever so we looked for days and felt she was a perfect fit for us. 
And last but certainly not least, I just want to thank God for His blessings in my life.  He has been so good and gracious to me and my family and I want to give Him all the glory and praise for all He has done.