Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zek turns 3 !!

Colt got into the icing and was hiding from us :-)
Zek loves Thomas the Train
Ain't he cute?
Clapping 'happy birthday'
Wearing his new 'Thomas' backpack
I think Colt liked the 'Thomas' tent more than Zek :)
God has been so very good to us. Zek is a little blessing from Heaven. Happy birthday, Zek!


Stephanie said...

Happy B day Zek!

Joy said...

Aww..... looks like a fun party. Wish we could've been there. Did he get his card?

Peggy said...

Big fun! We loved it!

Completely7 said...

Happy B-day Zeke. I miss you in Sunday School. Love Miss Helen

Completely7 said...

The cake is soooo cute. Did you make it?

Scott and Kristan said...

Joy: yes, he got his card :)
Ms. Helen, yes, I made the cake :)