Monday, May 22, 2017

Family Day

We got up bright and early Thursday morning and took a trip to the mountains. We all love the outdoors, so with a lot of planning, everyone was able to be off work and we spent the entire day up there. We were so tired when we got home, but it was such a fun, beautiful day. We wanted to get away and do something we all enjoy to celebrate school being out, summer vacation, and Ryder and Deseree graduating this year. 

Here they all are on the edge of the waterfall above Tellico Plains

Deseree cracked me up...she just jumped right off this little ledge without even thinking twice. I used to be able to do that...back in the day

The top of the waterfall

This boy LOVES the water...even if it's cold

Here's our favorite place to camp/grill out...Spivey Cove

Huge place for the boys to ride their bikes

I sure love these girls

This is Donley's can actually stay in it. We did years ago. No plumbing, no electricity, and an outhouse...real fun lol You can read more about it here

They all loved the water...but it was freezing

Scott on the rope swing ;)

Here is about a 10 foot bluff that my dare devil Daniel jumped off of into the water

The girls

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