Friday, May 26, 2017

We've been trying to get in the habit of getting more exercise and explore the outdoors.  Last week we spent the entire day in the mountains. This week we hiked to a beautiful waterfall. It's in the middle of nowhere and has no name. It's past Tellico Plains right at the North Carolina/Tennessee line, in the Cherokee National Forest. It was really hard. I guess it's over a mile, but it was like a jungle...very rugged terrain. It was nearly down hill the entire way. So then up hill back to the van. We were worn out. But it was a blast. Now...what to do next week :)

We finally see it!

This picture just doesn't do justice to what it really looks like. It was so beautiful!

We were so hungry and thirsty. As energetic as Gunner is...even he was whining lol

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Peggy said...

These are great! I love hiking!