Friday, September 2, 2016

Well, folks, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. Saddest of all was my wonderful Granny going home to be with the Lord. Not sad for her, of course, but sad for all of us who loved her so much. She was the most precious, sweetest lady that walked this earth. The greatest example of the Proverbs woman. She loved the Lord and her love for her family showed in everything she did. I miss her sweetness so much. I want to be just like her when I grow up :) Here she is with my Papaw who went to Heaven a few years ago.
Our sweet Daniel tuned 11 this week! I know everybody says where has the time gone. But seriously, when we bought our house he was a baby. I just can't believe he's 11 now and about to go into the 6th grade. I mentioned before that he's playing football for Lenoir City. Here's a few pictures from his very first game. They won by the way :) He's the one wearing #18...for Manning when he played for the Broncos :)

Also, this is my last weekend to enjoy myself before we start back homeschooling. Our first day is the day after Labor Day. I am schooling 5 this year and having a toddler in the mix is, to say the least, quite interesting...for lack of a better word lol Ryder is a senior this year, Braden, a junior, Daniel, 6th, Zek, 3rd, and Colt 1st. We're using all different kinds of curriculum this year. I always look on ebay and amazon for deals on school books. I got some great deals this time around. We're using some Bob Jones, Rod and Staff, Alpha and Omega, Math U See, and CLE to name a few. We appreciate prayer for our family as we school this year. I sometime lose focus on why I homeschool in the midst of all the stress and chaos. But I am thankful for the privilege and opportunity and the right to homeschool my children. I'll post more pictures later as we begin our year.

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Peggy said...

Very sweet post. I love my family!