Saturday, March 21, 2015

Two years old in the Lord

Two years ago today Daniel asked the Lord to save him. Hallelujah!! Nothing greater than to hear your child give his heart to Jesus. Daniel is such a special kid...bundle of energy...well, he's a fireball is what he is lol  Always trying new stunts, never being still, except when he's asleep. He's the only one who's had a broken bone, stitches, and staples in his head! Like I said he's a fireball!  But I can see the Lord working in his little heart even as young as he is...already concerned for the lost, inviting the neighbor kids to church. And then Sunday morning during invitation our preacher said, "Are you ready to go?" Daniel whispered to me, "I'm ready to go." I tell you this momma was rejoicing.

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Peggy said...

2nd try at commenting....
Love that boy!!!