Saturday, March 14, 2015


Well, I have found a new favorite store at which to coupon. I never thought I could have more fun than I do at Kroger but I was wrong. Kroger is still fun but Publix is way funner. ( and I know that is not a real word) anyway they say on their ad " come in with a list and leave with a smile" that is so true. I mean when I can get Eggo waffles for 23 cents and Huggies wipes for 59 cents and 6 boxes of cereal for 69 cents each and Tropicana orange juice for 33 cents and Mazola cooking oil for 89 cents thats definitely fun grocery shopping. Of course this is not all I bought but I can't possibly list everything. Those are just a few of my favorites. My total before sales and coupons was $112 and I walked out the door only paying $35 and my buggy was full. CVS was also fun this week.  I got two mascaras and 2 deodorants and only paid $1.49. My list for this coming CVS trip is huge...nearly $90 worth of stuff and I'm only going to pay $10 for it. Fun fun fun

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