Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ryder's 11 !!!

July 6, 1999...the day he was born 2000 2005 In Myrtle Beach with Grandad and Mimi 9th birthday 2008 July 4th 2010 at the Fireworks show Ryder is my firstborn. I will never forget the day he came into my life. He had a rough start being so little and having to stay at Children's for a week, but he has grown into a healthy, strong young man. God has richly blessed my life. All I desire for him is to love the Lord and live for Him. I thank God for my son.


Peggy said...

So good! And so special!

Joy said...

These make me teary-eyed. I remember when he was born, too. I didn't get to hold him for a week! He is the tiniest baby I have ever held! I think he's growing up so good! I'm proud of him! :)