Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harriman Baptist Tabernacle 2010 Youth Revival

July 4th started off our youth revival with Bro. Jonathan Davis. He and his wife, Kelsey, son, Hayden, are such a blessing to our family. They are being used of God all over the country. Our revival lasted Sunday through Sunday. Bro. Jonathan preached on letting God use your handful from the book of I Kings, choosing the right friends out of 2 Samuel, to praying like you've never prayed before out of I Samuel, just to name a few. God really gave our youth the Word of God each night and I'm so thankful that my children get to hear such truth. My hope and prayer is that they remember what they've heard and apply it to their lives. As I've said before, all I want for my chidren is that they love the Lord and live for Him and walk in truth.
Harriman Baptist Tabernacle Youth Choir
We get a picture with them each year. This is the best one. Bro. Jonathan had to hold Daniel. I think somebody gave him Mt. dew or something...:)
This is the one where Daniel is acting silly :)
Did I mention they sing, too...beautifully.

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Joy said...

It looks so great. I didn't know Kelsey played the piano, too! I hope to get to meet them someday.