Monday, June 21, 2010

Braden turns 10!!!

This post is dedicated to Braden. He was born on June 23, 2000, he was such a good baby. You hardly heard him cry.
So cute, but he hated when the grass touched him :)
His first birthday
Yes, he was a
Not a good picture, but such a silly boy
On a trip to Myrtle Beach with Mimi and Grandad in 2005 Look at those big, brown eyes.
His 7th birthday
The first tooth he lost
Getting baptized 2008
2010...he has grown up into such a handsome young man...sniff...sniff
I am so proud of my Braden. He is such a good, thoughtful, considerate, and generous boy. He is very tender-hearted (like his momma) and I am so thankful the Lord let me be his mother. Happy Birthday, Braden. We love you so much and pray the Lord will use you and that you will yield your life to Him.

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Peggy said...

He looks the same, year after year.