Friday, November 18, 2016


Revival...I have found several definitions of this word, but the one I like best is "to live again." We just came out of revival with Bro. Andy Wells and it was wonderful. He dealt with discouragement, depression, and the devil. I guess that's why that definition seemed so fitting and why I liked it best. The Lord really helped me this week. I don't understand why folks think "revival" has to be hollering and shouting and running the aisles. And while that can be good and has it's place, sometimes the best "revivals" simply come quietly, like God's still small voice that Bro. Wells preached about in I Kings. God strengthens His people gradually, over His time. I am still feasting on the messages I heard this week and am so thankful for them. I always enjoy hearing Bro. Wells bring the Word. I left the meeting with these thoughts...God's too good...Heaven's too sweet...Hell's too hot...and my family's too precious to quit now. And how fitting that we are coming upon the Thanksgiving season because we have so much to thank Him for.

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Peggy said...

Perfect! God never fails to feed our souls!