Monday, August 10, 2015

Thankful/Praise God!!

I just have to take a minute and brag on God's protection and say how very thankful I am for His watchful care. Last night before we got home from church we got the news that Scott's little great nephew fell in a pool. His mom got to him in time and did CPR until the ambulance arrived and took him to Children's.  He's fine. Thank the Lord. Then this morning we got up to head out to a dr's appointment and the tire was a tad low. Not much. Just a hair. So we aired it up and went on our way. By the time we got out of our appointment it was practically flat. I panicked.  If anybody knows me knows I can't handle car problems.  Thankfully Ryder is with me and Walmart is two miles up the road. We pull the van in and Ryder hops out and goes in and takes care of everything for me. We're thinking an easy plug job...right? Nope they can't fix it. The belt is so bad there's a huge knot in it and the tire is literally about to come off the wheel. So Ryder puts the spare on and we head home...very slowly. We had no idea it was so bad but God did and He was watching out for us the whole time. A lot of our errands and plans got put on hold for the day but we're all safe and sound. Thank You Lord for protecting our family!!

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Peggy said...

God is good...all the time! So thankful you had a big son along to help you today!