Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Father's Day Tribute to My Daddy

First, let me start by saying, my Daddy is the greatest! I know that is so cliche, everyone says that, but I think my brother and sister would agree, it's really the truth. I've seen my daddy remain stedfast, constant, and strong from the time I was a little girl until this very day. I'll also say He and Mom have been through some storms, but have never wavered, not once. Godly men are rare, but of the few I do know, my daddy is among them. What my daddy taught me and is still teaching me whether he realizes it or not is worth more to me than anything. Daddy led me to the Lord when I was only 9 years old and that is my most priceless possession I hold in my heart today. Since that time, I have striven to serve the God that has been so very real in Daddy's life. My Daddy is a big man and I'm not talking about his six foot, two inch frame, I'm talking about his heart. Daddy has always taken us to church. I don't EVER remember a time waking up on a Sunday morning and wondering if we were going to church or not. We just were and that was that. God was first in our lives and in our home. Not football, not basketball, not softball, no sport or activity or work or anything took the place of God. I don't think Daddy cares if I ever shot a 3-pointer and won the game for our team, but when I said my first 10-verse Scripture passage word perfect, I'm sure it swelled his heart, as it does mine when my children memorize from the Word of God. You see, these are the things that matter in this life. That's my Daddy's heritage to me, a godly one, one that matters in the end. I love you, Daddy. Thank you for all you have been in my life and for all you are. Thank you for always praying for me. Thank you for giving me a Christian education. Thank you for never sending me to a public school. Thank you for never letting me go to the prom. Thank you for never letting me go out with anybody at all hours of the night. Thank you for loving me and caring about me. But most of all, thank you for giving me your God.

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