Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy birthday, Braden...He's 11!

Thursday, the 23rd was my second baby's 11th birthday. Every year on their birthday, I take them out to eat...just them and me and Braden chose Shoney's this year. It was fun.
Then later that evening, it was party time! We had such a good turn out. We grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, and of course, had cake and ice cream. It was a good day.
All I have ever wanted for my children is that they love the Lord with all their heart and follow Him. Braden is trying to do just that and I am so (for lack of a better word) proud he's my son. He's got the most generous spirit and wants to help me all he can. He's so willing to pitch in and do what's needed and is constantly asking me what he can do to help. After every meal, he hugs me and says thanks work so hard. What a blessing he is!

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Joy said...

Very sweet post. Braden is a very precious boy, and soon will be a man! :) Happy Birthday, Braden!! :)