Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To all the mommas

If you're a hard-working momma, then please take the time to check out this website I promise it will be worth your time. I got into couponing back in September and now it has become second nature to me. I get stuff for dirt cheap or even free sometimes. I go to CVS and Walgreens and Kroger every week. This website can be very overwhelming at first (it was for me) but if you want to save lots of money, then please, I beg you to give it a try. I save 50-60% every week on groceries. I come home with so much stuff, we have trouble finding somewhere to put it. I promise if you take the time to learn this system, you will be so excited!! I have become obsessed with saving money. It's fun for me to get my 4 Sunday papers every week and look at all the weekly ads, then plan my list and go couponing. It's worth it, I promise. Please watch Jenny's videos and be patient with yourself and shortly you'll be saving tons of money. Leave a comment on any progress you make with this. I just want to help all you mommas out there to save money.

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Peggy said...

And believe me, readers, she's good!