Thursday, September 16, 2010

Field Trip

We went on a well-earned field trip today (well-earned meaning myself and the kids :) to Fort Loudoun and the island Tanasi. It was a wonderful day. The first week of school was kind of rough, getting into a routine again and all, but they have worked hard the last couple of weeks and have taken several tests and made good grades. I'm very proud of them. I'm thankful for the beautiful day the Lord gave us for this occasion. He was dying to shoot it Entering the fort I love this view Isn't this beautiful? Trying to escape Gathering sticks for the fire :) On the lookout \ Showing off their grinding skills This is the island, Tanasi, where Tennessee got its name. This was where several Cherokee Indians lived. It's all under water now, but there is a memorial set up for them. We love it here. We've been several times. The breeze coming up off the water felt wonderful. It was so beautiful there today. He always has to throw the big rocks and make a big splash :) I love my boys


Peggy said...

These pictures are unbelievable! Looks like a great time!

Becky said...

Looks like y'all had a really great time! Love the pictures :)