Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're back!!

Hi everyone, we're finally back. We had to delete our last blog and now we've started a new one with a new name. The reason we chose this title and verse is because as parents, there is no greater joy than knowing your children are living for the Lord. Our family is very young, yet we want to raise and train our children for Him. That's what we strive for everyday. We are not a perfect family by no means, but the grace of God is so real in our lives and His blessings are abundant and we know that He will see us through. There is no greater responsibility than to raise children. We face challenges every day, sometimes some we thought would never come, but once again God's grace is present. He has been so very good to us and has blessed us beyond measure. We want to share parts of our lives with you and hope you will pray for us as we try to live for Him...there is no greater joy!!

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