Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy Birthday, Colt...the big 7!!

Today, Colt is 7! He has become one of the sweetest 7 year olds I have ever known. And no, I don't say this simply because I am his mother, but because so many others say it of him as well. He is truly a sweetheart. He is such a good boy...always helping...always doing something. It doesn't matter what it is. If it needs doing, he'll do it. He's never idle. He's always busy. That's why he goes to sleep first and sleeps the hardest haha He is truly a gift from the Lord and a real blessing to this family. We love him so much.

Here he is the day he was born. They had to take him via c-section after being in labor for several hours. He simply would not come out. It was the worst labor and recovery ever, but he was so very worth it!

Happy Birthday, man...we love you so much!!


Peggy said...

Love these precious pictures....and LOVE him! He definitely a sweetie!!!

Tammy said...

Colt really is a sweetheart! He always has a smile!